Sunday, July 31, 2011

portable altar series

Further on the subject of altars
: a portable altar is a valuable addition to spiritual practice. It enunciates the idea t
hat our practice itself is portable, as its true residence is within the inner heart.
We are the location for practice, wherever we happen to be.
It is helpful, though, while traveling, to assist your grounding by setting up a simple altar when you arrive at a new destination. The anxiety that is often stirred by travel is anchored by the altar--we are reminded of our practice and re-stabilized by its support.

I have a mini altar set in my car all the time, and when I go anywhere I pack it into a silk pouch and take it with me. You can make an altar out of anything...a few suggestions below:

-travel candle
-any small statues of deities that you are drawn to
-crystals/rocks/other beautiful objects
-photographs of teachers or beloveds
-incense/sage or rosewater (to clear space)
-it is nice to place a flower or plant on the altar once you arrive

below are photographs of my portable altar, set-up at various places where i've been over the past few months.
(a couple of them belong to friends who did the same:)